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Jan 26, 2021

Johnny and Dr. Jackson discuss the finer points of life-saving, as depicted in "Stress Release Part 1," S05E14 of The Office. We've also put together a handy playlist of songs you can perform CPR to - it's at

Jan 19, 2021

We're joined by Drs. Greg Winter and Scott Herskovitz to discuss the second episode of "Code Black." The show did one thing right - it was a great example of the way doctors in teaching hospitals actually have to teach. Having an ER resident perform a laparoscopic  surgery unassisted? That's less accurate.


Jan 6, 2021

Johnny and Dr. Jackson are joined by Dr. Greg Winter to discuss Evil S01E11, "Room 320." This episode features a homicidal nurse - but she's not a great nurse. And it's not a great hospital. And it's not a great murder method.

The original file cuts out before the end of the episode - this has been corrected.