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Want to record an episode intro?

Oct 25, 2019

Hey folks! We'd love for you to record an intro for an episode of "Hi Everybody! A Bad Medicine Podcast!" The script's below, and you can send your recording to If you want us to shout you out on Twitter or Instagram, please include your handle. If you're a podcaster yourself, feel free to include your show* in the introduction!

"Hi everybody! I'm [NAME] from [LOCATION, PODCAST, ETC].

This is a podcast where real medical professionals discuss fake medical emergencies.

That means that unless [INSERT NERDY REFERENCE], this podcast is NOT medical advice.

If you need medical advice or medical care, please contact your doctor."

The nerdy jokes have been things like "unless you sprained your ankle on the holodeck" or "unless you've been bitten by a radioactive spider."

*Please only include your podcast if it's appropriate for all audiences.